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Ryan icons!

I just bought The Slaughter Rule and I felt the need to make some ryan icons :) resources for brushes and everything are on my Info page.

*no hotlinking


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Wow those are really great! Thankd for sharing, may snag some later!
Those are real cute.
Hey also meant to ask you where did you get those pictures?
i have The Slaughter Rule and Murder By Numbers on DVD and i cap them on my laptop.
Oh okay, if you ever put your caps up for the public, will you let me know? They are great caps for sure! thanks!
sure :) i could also try to email you some if you want?
we could try, not sure how that'd work, but if you're willing i am as well. My email is thatlilangel@hotmail.com i'll credit you in the post i make when i get to make them!
well, i tried to send you some of my Slaughter Rule pix. it sent so email me back and let me know if it works :)
I sent you an email but wanted to thank you here as well, they downloaded and are wonderful, thanks again!
I want #6. It's so great!
Snagging 8. Will give credit. Gorgeous. :D
Hey, great job! He's incredibly HOT! Snatching number 6, 8 and 9! Thanks!
Actually...sorry, I'm snatching number 8 and number 5...maybe the other ones...thanks again!
#1 makes me hot. I snagged it.